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I have no idea what has happened to me recently but my mind must have expanded or something... IDEK





Stop making books into films and start making them into a tv show so we could have a lot more detail to them and they can stick to the book easier.

I thought this was going to make me annoyed but everything turned out better than expected

no start making them into mini series so that they can just follow the original plot of the book and then not be forced to continue and ruin the canon




Eventually we’re just gonna have to accept “ducking” as a swear word

once when i was 12 I was on Webkinz and I wouldn’t trade with this one person and they said “you ducking person” and i reported i and they banned the word ducking in that context.




"you can’t be just friends with people of the gender you’re attracted to"
myth actually true. i, as a bisexual, can confirm that i have no friends.

pansexuals spend their lives in solitude, with only rocks for company

meanwhile asexuals are friends with everyone. literally every single person on the planet. i do not know how i remember so many names





where is that video of a guy playing the shire theme on a flute to an ostrich who starts dancing seductively. that video made me laugh so hard i nearly threw up and i need it

i found it

i have never been that excited to see a video after reading a description of it

i need everyone to know that that description is completely accurate


if you are attracted to me you are required by law to tell me. 

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